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  • Das, Anup Kumar; Bhaduri, S.; Sridevi, B (2020). A Comparative Study of India's Research Performance in Scientific and Technological Areas of Clean Energy and Water (2006-17): A Scientometric Analysis. New Delhi: Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, ISBN: 9788193685723. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5521306. Download.
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Scholarly Communications [Open Access for Researchers, 1]. Paris: UNESCO, ISBN: 9789231000782. Download.
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Research Evaluation Metrics [Open Access for Researchers, 4]. Paris: UNESCO, ISBN: 9789231000829. Download. Read Book Review1; Book Review2.
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Sharing Your Work in Open Access [Open Access for Researchers, 5]. Paris: UNESCO, ISBN: 9789231000836. Download.
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Introduction to Open Access [Open Access for Library Schools, 1]. Paris: UNESCO, ISBN: 9789231000744. Download.
  • Das, Anup Kumar & Chakraborty, Susmita (2015). Collaboration in International and Comparative Librarianship. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, ISBN 9781466643659. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-4365-9. View Preface.  Read Book Review1; Book Review2. Scopus Record.
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2008). Open Access to Knowledge and Information: Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives - the South Asian Scenario. Edited by B. K. Sen and J. Josiah. New Delhi: UNESCO, ISBN 9788189218218. Download Book. Read Book Reviews.
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Self-Learning Modules/ Open Courseware/ Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Scholarly Communications [Open Access for Researchers, Module 1]. Paris: UNESCO; New Delhi: CEMCA, 2015. Download.
  • Research Evaluation Metrics [Open Access for Researchers, Module 4]. Paris: UNESCO; New Delhi: CEMCA, 2015. Download.
  • Sharing Your Work in Open Access [Open Access for Researchers, Module 5]. Paris: UNESCO; New Delhi: CEMCA, 2015. Download.
  • Introduction to Open Access [Open Access for Library Schools, Module 1]. Paris: UNESCO; New Delhi: CEMCA, 2015. Download.
  • Unit 1 Computer Basics [CLIS, BLII-014 ICT in Libraries, Block-1 Digital Library]. New Delhi: eGyankosh, IGNOU, 2017. Download.
  • Unit 2 Office Tools [CLIS, BLII-014 ICT in Libraries, Block-1 Digital Library]. New Delhi: eGyankosh, IGNOU, 2017. Download
  • Open Educational Resources: Issues and Context. Video Lecture delivered for the SWAYAM ARPIT Course in ETTLIS, offered by IIT Delhi, 2019-20.

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